Gymnastic Strength

Full Body Day

Week 4 of 4

Warm up

2 Rounds:

5 Worm walk

10 Push up

10 banded lat pull down

20 sec Mountain climber


Supersets 1

2 sets:


Max reps of KB Upright row

Max reps of Behind the neck strict press

Max reps of Incline DB Press


Supersets 2

2 sets:


Max reps of DB Arnold press

Max reps of seated DB Reverse flys

Max reps of DB overhead tricep extension


Supersets 3

2 sets:


Max reps of double DB curls

right into

Max reps of alt DB curls



AMRAP 8 mins (1:00 Work/ 1:00 Rest) 2 rounds

Alt. between

-Bulgarian split squats (may add weight by holding DB/*Switch Legs every 5 Reps

-No lock out Air Squat


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