WOD June 29th 2020


A) Warm Up

2 sets of :

1 mins Jog

1 mins row

10 Kettlebell Tater

5 Strict Burpees

10 Single arm KB Hang Snatch

5 Tempo Pull up (5 secs hold over the bar and 5 secs Hang)


B) Conditioning


5 Rounds for Time

400 meter Run

15 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

15 Wall balls (9/7 kg)

25 reps of “X”


Round 1: Push-Ups

Round 2: Air Squats

Round 3: Pull-Ups

Round 4: Alternating Lunges

Round 5: Burpees


Time cap 35 mins


HIIT 29 June 2020

A) Warm up

8 Cal any machine

2 sets of:

8 burpees

8 wall balls

8 hollow rocks


B) EMOM x 20 mins

1st min: mountain climbers

2nd min: high plank shoulder taps

3rd min: star crunches 

4th min: burpees

5th min: rest


*AMRAP Every mins, your score is your reps

*If unable to do star crunches, switch to bicycle crunches 

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