Gymnastic Strength

Warm up

8 mins easy constant Run ( approx. 1200 m run or 40 laps)

Plank Complex


2 rounds of:


Plank Hold, 30 secs

Single Arm Plank, 30 secs (right arm Off)

Single Arm Plank, 30 secs (left arm off)

Right Side Plank, 30 secs

Left Side Plank, 30 secs

Plank Hold 30 secs


rest 3 mins


See how far through this you can complete unbroken. If you make it past left side oblique plank, it will return back to standard plank until failure

Giant sets

4 sets of

8 Narrow grip Bench Press

4 weighted chin up

8 Plate Front raise

4 Weighted Pull up


Cooling Down (optional)

8 mins easy constant Run (approx. 1200 m run or 40 laps)



Warm up

400 m run

Then 2 rounds of

3 x 3 position of power clean and jerk

6 OH Barbell Lunges

9 Burpees

12 Hollow rock

Overhead Barbell Lunges



*you may add weight but keep focus on your form, 4 reps each leg


AMRAP 10 mins: [Adv | Int | Basic]

6 Power clean and Jerk (50/30 kg) | (35/20 kg) | Empty Bar

6 Lateral burpees over bar | stepping over | burpee

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