SnC September 1st 2021


Warm up:

Try Every movement at least 10 reps


Then 10 mins for briefing and strategizing according to the condition applied




Special Farewell WOD

“Overman Never Dies”



In a team of 3, For time:


Box Jump (60/50 cm)

Air Squats


Toes to Bar 

Wall Balls (9/7 kg)

Shoulder to overhead (35/25 kg)


Time cap 20 mins


As A team, complete total of 999 of all exercises in any order. All 3 team members work at a same time.


In condition:

*The team not complete more than 200 reps of any one movement

*Each team member must complete at least 20 reps of each movement

*Scale option toes to bar is replaced by Calorie Row and wall ball reduced weight  (7/5 kg) and time cap 30 mins

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