SnC 19th February 2021


-Jogging 1k-


Warm up

2 sets of

250m Row 

3 Wall walk

3 Bear Complex

10 Burpees



Super set

4 set of

12 Front Squat


*increasing in weight


-rest between set-




6 x 125 m Row or 15 Cal Airbike

4 x 80 m Row or 10 Cal Air bike


-Jogging 1k-


HIIT 19 February 2021

A) Warm up

400m row

2 sets of:

8 Synchro burpees

8 single DB power cleans

8 single DB push jerks


B) Dream Work

*AMRAP 20mins:

2000m Row

50 synchro burpees

50 Alt. DB clean & jerk (15/10kg)

*Row to be split up anyway you like.

*The chest of both partners must touch the floor at the same time for the rep to count.

*1 partner working at a time for DB C&J


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