WOD July 13th 2020


Warm up

2 sets of


100 single unders

10 Dead bugs (each side)

10 Superman pulse

10 Push up

10 steps duck walk


Midline Conditioning

3 Rounds:

400 m Run

4 Wall walk

20 GHD Sit up


Time cap 18 mins


Walking Lunges

AMRAP 9 mins

Max distance walking Lunges


*every time you stop moving or use your hand to support your lunges, do 10 air squat.Just do not stop to avoid the air squat.

* stop means if you are standing or get pinned or not moving more than 1 secs on your spot


HIIT 13 July 2020

A) Warm up

3mins skipping

*every broken 4 lateral squats

2 sets of:

8 EB Sumo Deadlifts

8 Air squats

8 hollow rocks


B) 4 Rounds (Not for time):

10 Sumo Deadlifts (50/35kg)

15 KB Goblet squats (16/12kg)


C) Conditioning

4 Rounds AMRAP


1min AMRAP air squats

1min AMRAP sit ups

2mins Rest

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