WOD July 4th 2020


Warm up

Row 150 m Arm only

Row 250 m without arm pull


Then, 2 sets of

10 Good morning

5 Slow+pause at bottom front squat

5 Lateral lunges walk

3 x 3 Position of power clean and Jerk



“Hollow Space”

5 Rounds for time:

7 Power Clean and Jerk (60/35 kg)

14/12 Calorie Row

7 Front Squats (60/35 kg)

14 Wall balls


Time cap 25 mins


HIIT 4July 2020

A) Warm up

2 sets of:

8 inch worms

8 alt. DB snatch

8 burpees

8 box jump overs


B) For time:


 DB power snatch (20/12.5kg)

Knee to chest

Air Squat

 box jump overs

Box Pike Push up

*Cap time: 25mins

*You may choose to alternate the DB snatches

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