WOD July 2nd 2020


-5 mins for preparation and practice Turkish Get up-

45 minutes on Row or air bike

Start from min 0 and every 5 minutes, do alternating between

A: 2 KB Turkish Get Up (24/16 kg)

B: 8 GHD Back Extension


HIIT 2 July 2020

  1. A) Warm up

400m run

2 sets of:

60 DU/SU

8 hollow rocks

8 air squats

8 alt. DB snatches 


  1. B) 3 Rounds for time:

400m run

20 Abmat Sit ups

15 Alt. DB snatch (20/12.5kg)

*Cap time: 15mins

*5mins rest after


  1. C) 3 Rounds for time:

80 DU/120SU

30 jumping lunges

20 Goblet Squats (*use 16/12kg KB)

*Cap time: 13mins 


*your score is your distance on row (in km) or bike (in mile)

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