WOD May 15th 2020


Pull up Practice

work for 10 mins

you can add weight at your pull up


Handstand + Lunge Conditioning


Not for time, 2 rounds of:

3 Wall walks

10  Overhead Lunge (50/30 kg)

3 Wall walks

10  Front Rack Lunge (50/30 kg)


Rope Climb + Ring Dips

Not for time, 4 rounds of:

1 leg less rope climb

10 Ring Dips


*If You can’t do leg less rope climb, do a regular rope climb instead, the other alternative is sled pull


HIIT 15th May 2020


Sprint Skill

2 rounds of:

1 mile air bike (as fast as you can)

*rest 4 mins in between

*record your both time



*4 Rounds For Time:

15 box jumps over

12 Hollow Rock

9 Sandbag thruster (15/10kg)

*Cap time: 12 mins 

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