SnC September 29th 2020


Warm up

400 m row

400 m run

Tabata 1

Alternating between Handstand Hold and 1 Slow Pull up (20 secs is 1 reps only as slow as possible)

Tabata 2

Alternating between Plank and 1 Slow Push up (20 secs is 1 reps only as slow as possible)



500 m Row as fast as possible




For Time


Buy in : 1,200 meter Run


Then, 8 Rounds of:


    4 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

    8 Strict Pull-Ups

    12 KB swing (16/12 kg)


Cash out : 600 m run


HIIT 29 September 2020

A) Warm up

3mins skipping 

2 sets of:

8 sit ups

8 lateral squats

8 tuck jumps

8 push ups


B) TABATA Tuesday

T1: Sandbag Thrusters

T2: KB lateral Goblet squats 

T3: Hollow rocks

T4: Box Jumps

*2 mins rest after each TABATA

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