SnC May 6th 2021 


Warm up

400 m run

then 2 sets of:

5 Muscle Snatch + OH Squat

10 Lu Raises

5 Power snatch + Press

30 secs of HS Hold




In 12 mins

Work to heavy triple power Snatch


Then 5 set x 3 reps at 90% of your triplet lifted weight



For time:

AMRAP 10 mins

6 Hang Power Snatch (50/30 kg)

6 Lateral Burpee over bar


HIIT 6 May 2021

A) Warm up

10 mins AMRAP:

30 jumping jacks

10 Hollow rocks

10 Air squats

5 Hindu push ups

5 Inch worms


B) 30-20-10 reps for time:


Air squats

Abmat sit ups

*At the 10mins mark continue to…


*10-20-30 reps of:


Air squats

Abmat sit ups

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