SnC 23th February 2021


-Jogging 1.5k-


Warm up

400 m run (if you did not doing 1k jog)

2 sets of

8 KB Swing

8 Kang Squat

8 Behind the neck EB Strict Press

4 Hindhu Push up



Super set

4 set of

6 Tempo Back Squat*

6 Tempo Strict Press

*3 secs slow lowering and increasing in weight

-rest between set-



For time 

Run 800 m/Row 1k 

50 KB Swing (24/16 kg)

50 Push up

Run 800 m/Row 1k


Cap time 16 mins


-Jogging 1.5k-


HIIT 23 February 2021

A) Warm up

3 mins skipping

2 sets of:

8 Med ball cleans

8 Hollow rocks

8 Kipping

8 Knees to chest


B) TABATA Tuesday

T1: Med Ball Cleans (9/7kg)

T2: Med Ball Thrusters (9/7kg)

T3: Hollow Rocks

*1min rest after each TABATA


C) For time:

100 SU

50 Box jumps

25 Pull ups

50 Knees to elbows

25 KB Goblet squats (16/12kg)

100 SU

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