Gymnastic Strength

Warm Up 500 m row                 then 2 rounds of       10x Air Squat            20x Mountain climb
Hanging Leg Raises 4 x 12 reps
GHD Sit up 4 x 10 reps or V ups
Wall sit 4 x 45 Secs
Strength Front rack Lunges 4 x 8 reps (4 reps each)
Optional Str Overhead Squat 4 x 4 reps



Warm Up 500 m row                 then 2 rounds of              10x EB Lunges             8x EB SDHP                6x Burpees
Hang Squat Clean 5 x 5 reps Increasing in weight
6 rounds of
Pull up 6 reps [Adv|Int|Beg] = [Pull up|Banded Pull up|Ring row]
Overhead Squat 6 reps [Adv|Int|Beg] = [(40/25 kg)|(30/20kg)|(20/15 kg)]
TC : 12 mins Lat Burpees over bar 6 reps [Adv|Int|Beg] = [Must Jump|Stepping| Burpees]
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