SnC June 11 th 2021 


Warm up

AMRAP 8 mins

250 m row

3 x 3 Position of squat snatch

8 Goodmorning

8 Pike Push Up

20 Secs Pof one legged High plank (each)


Super Set

5 rounds of:

3 Snatch Balance*

5 Kneeling Land Mine Presses*

5 GHD Side Crunch (each side)

-2 mins rest between rounds-


*Build weight

*all movement done in superset style, you may rest after done the last movement


Snatch Ladder

Within 2 mins complete the total snatch lift of


30 kg – 40 kg – 50 kg – 60 kg – 70 kg – 1 max lift (athlete choice)



15 kg – 20 kg – 25 kg – 30 kg – 35 kg – 1 max lift (athlete choice)


*athlete may progress to next weight after a successful lift and should they failed they may re-attempt the lift within 2 mins time cap

* if you failed on the lift, and decide to not attempting anymore, do AMRAP of lateral burpees over bar in remaining time

*your score is the heaviest lift (+number of burpees done) and time finished

*athlete may perform muscle/power/squat snatch to accomplish the lift

*Scale option: perform clean and jerk instead of snatch, or adjust your increment ascending weight



HIIT 11 June 2021

A) Warm up

3 mins skipping (every broken, 3 lying leg raise)

2 sets of:

10 kipping

10 hollow rocks

10 ring rows

8 DB snatch (each side)


B) EMOM 30mins:

Min 1: 60 single unders

Min 2: 12 Alt. DB snacth (15/10kg)

Min 3: 6 pull ups

Min 4: 15 lying leg raises

Min 5: rest 

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