“Girl fight round 2”

*Head to head battle!

*In teams of 2 find another team of 2 to compete against.

Team 1 (Timer): Karen (Cap Time: 20 mins)

Partners work 1 at a time with no more than 10 reps each time to complete 250 wall balls (9/7kg) as fast as possible to stop Team 2 from completing too many reps.


Team 2: Nichole 

Partners work together to complete 200m and max pull-ups and do Run again every time you dropped from the bar. Go AMRAP before “team karen” finishes all 250 wall balls. 

*Once team Karen completes all 250 wall balls, they must shout “STOP!” to team Nichole.

*Write down time of Karen and reps of Nichole. You have 5 mins rest to swap workouts.

*Score = fastest Karen time & reps for Nichole

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