Your team size will depend on class size.  You can break the work up however you want, and all members can be working at the same time, and on different tasks.  Our goal is a whirlwind of effort and activity

Tasks per Member:

5 Rope Climbing or Monkey Bar

10 Climb Over the Bar  

75 M Prowler/sled Push (40 kg/30 kg)

( weight that can be done without stopping at around 15 m  and performed at a jogging pace)

1000 kg Ground to Overhead

So…a team of 3 would be responsible for 15 Rope Climbs, 30 Over the Bar, and 225M Prowler Push, and 3000 kg Ground to Overhead. for example.  Remember, not everyone has to do all the tasks and everyone can be working at the same time. One person could do all the rope climb while the other member(s) work on the remaining tasks.

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